Cream Diet

Remember back in the 90s when eating a diet high in fat and cholesterol by most health authorities was considered to be a safe way to sclerosis and early death? Well – more than 15 years after having found and published it, me and the others who felt game to try it are well alive. Neither does anyone suffer from atherosclerosis, nor diabetes, excess weight, fat liver, high blood pressure or alarming blood parameters. More than that, after CD has survived this propaganda it was put into one drawer with Atkins, LowCarb, Paleo, even Ketogenic Diet and other ‚fat diets‘ although it is not.

Rather than sliding into lesser and lesser carbs – which at the same time will increase ketone production, with CD a SWITCH is induced which simply tells your body that no, no more carbs available, full stop.
And exactly THIS – for the first time – leads to a FUNDAMENTAL change in your metabolism.
While in the initial two or three days the amount of ketones detected in breath, urine and sweat of healthy people is high, the body soon starts to use THEM for its energy supply rather than craving for sugars and starches. After a week into the CD-induced switch the body will have designed the necessary enzymes to cope with the situation and well burn fats and ketones instead of carbs.

And what is best: it starts munching its own fat depots together with the whipped milk fat offered as a food (important!). Healthy people will note that after a week or two into this diet there is no more smell of ketones, no more need to follow a strict regimen.

Now in opposite to other life long regimens which tell you to continue your strategy, add minerals, vitamins and other expensive food additives you will now ease off, add vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, even starches to your diet and you will notice that again after another consecutive week carb depots will be back to normal, in brief: your body is in full vigor.

CONGRATULATIONS as now you have successfully added another technique of how to divert your daily food into energy!

Whether you were just in to rejuvenate your intestinal flora, whether you wanted to intensify the action of your digestive glands or whether you just wanted to burn excess body fat – NOW any of these goals can be put on your agenda and – will work out!

Many questions were asked about how to start and execute this SWITCH named CREAM DIET, better: Whipped Cream Diet.
Here’s the basic recipe for healthy(!) people(*):

Buy additive free cream, so without such as Carrageen, Arabic Gum or similar. Put it in the mixer or whip it by hand. Soon its stiff – eat it!
How much? As much as you want (in between 200 – 800ml/day depending on your activity). OK, if you stuff your face with more than say 500 Gramms per meal you might exceed your actual need for energy and feel constipated. So eat less next time, OK?

Anything else?
Yes: Use the extra time you gained not fetching daily grocery from your local shop, preparing meals, eating them and taking a digestive rest afterwards for: EXERCISE!

Not vigorous, but steady. Walk, cycle, swim, run, climb staircases, dance – at least for one hour per day.

That’s it? That’s it for say, ten to fourteen days.
Remember one thing: DRINK WATER. No – not black tea or coffee –  plain w.a.t.e.r. At least a liter a day, better more. Whether hot or cold – no difference, DRINK as exactly this will help your body to cleanse.

(!*) Remember that this is a regimen for healthy, active people. For sick people modifications can be necessary to be made depending on their individual situation.

For those who had battled with problems in the past – sooner or later they will appear in a mild attempt to eventually leave your body.

– If ketosis remains for more than a week, stop CD and again take it up a couple of weeks after your body has gained more
– If you feel dizzy or without energy during CD, so exercising becomes a drag, stop CD and restart it later in the year.
– If you tend to suffer from constipation, bile or liver problems, execute a Liver Flush prior to getting started with CD.
– If you develop a strong aversion against whipped cream, replace it by Creme fraiche and add some drops of lemon juice to your meals.
– If you feel hesitant to follow the logic of this diet, come forward with your questions or: simply don’t do it, right?

REMEMBER that things that do work for one part of a population do not necessarily work for their neighbors. Therefore, if CD works for you, be happy and tell others but never, never put pressure on partners, offspring or friends to follow your example.
If you feel you want to discuss this or go on CD first or put forward your questions after you have informed yourself send a message to the author of this text.
If you feel inclined to go on this 10 to 14 day process for the first time, follow the instructions above as closely as possible. Whenever you feel you want to modify, alter or swop elements of CD, talk about it f.i.r.s.t. or follow your own intuition – but don’t blame it on CD when it didn’t work out the way you intended it to do.
judge upon CD a f t e r you did it for the first time – or give it a miss at all.

The author of these words uses English as a means of international communications, it is NOT his mother tongue. Therefore he declines any responsibility whatsoever for any misunderstanding, direct or indirect personal damage or mischief of those who decide to go on this diet without consulting him prior to their experiment. Every word on this page may be considered as an inspiration, not a dogma or a law. It is entirely based on free will, does not promise any health benefits or cure for or against anything.

Munich, Germany
December 2019

For those who want to dig deeper into CD’s history and logic, the following lines might be helpful.
Cream Diet is now more than 20 years old. . Its followers enjoy lean, active lives. High cholesterol, blood fats and obesity are as unknown as spikes of blood sugar or insulin.

Please think about the following basics and make up your mind upon whether the present recommendations are ‚just another fat diet‘.

– Its essential in CD to perform a ’switch‘, a change from fueling your body with a n y carbs and starches through a brief period of time (7 to 14 days) where you live exclusively on milk-fat, whipped milk-fat. For if you don’t, you will always remain in a more or less severe ketosis, your body will be craving for sugars and only perform to its maximum ability when supplied with carbs.
– Its a finding that while on CD or shortly after, ketones will completely vanish from your bloodstream so fat metabolism can fully jump into gear. Its a fact that athletes as well as normal people do not produce notable amounts of ketones after they performed a CD.
– CD does not promote the consumption of a diet rich in any oils, fibers, grease, meat or artificial fats. Neither is it a religion nor a ritual. However, its a mighty tool to get access to your own fat depots so you can utilize them to your own benefit.
Whether you want to burn fat, reduce fat depots, reduce metabolic and toxic waste stored in your fat tissues, CD is a reliable way to perform this cleanse.

CD has been found and developed by the author in the late 20st Century. Recently it came to my ears that 80 years before, German doctors had noted and published that cream could have a soothing effect on ailments and inflammations of the gall bladder. Testing had been executed. The present form of the regimen has nothing to do with this. However, it has been thoroughly tested, modulated and improved in its efficiency by numerous athletes, patients and the author himself.

While from a nutritionist’s point of view, all fats belong to the same group of nutrients and those with a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable fats are said to be superior.
Why is it then the human body doesn’t seem to know this? In fact, it doesn’t even seem to bother when it comes to feed its own offspring with the supposedly ‚best‘ nutrients available. Mother’s milk for instance, consists of few unsaturated let alone polyunsaturated fats. Of course this does not imply that you should live exclusively on cream for an extended period of time. It only goes to show that physical or chemical lab values do not translate 1:1 into living mammals at all times and circumstances, do they?

Being said that, how is it possible that some nutritionists seemingly forget that the human organism is a highly complex living system not designed for ‚convenient‘ foods off the laboratories of the food industry? Instead fresh whipped cream proves to be highly convenient. It serves both, as an ‘energy currency’ as well as a source of hormonal regeneration.
Is it a ’side effect‘  that its natural content of cholesterol serves a mammal’s reproductive glands to synthesizing vital hormones?
On the contrary, the kind of weak ‚fat metabolism‘ we find in modern adults and kids alike is the result of a continuous lack of exercise plus a focus on artificial carbohydrates and starches only. More than that, those individuals create metabolic trash like ketones which in turn block their proper body functions. Voilà, a viscous circle continues.

Men in general and athletes in particular who want to re-activate an effective fat metabolism need to specially prepare for it.
Unless they do, results will be as an Australian study implies: Nil and void. This study examined the performance changes of athletes run on a nutrition based on ‚fat‘, mainly ‚fat‘. As scientists didn’t focus on a ‚zero‘ carb diet before the body of the tested athletes did simply – not respond. However, the author of these lines claims that deprivation of calories from carbs is crucial to make the organism convert to a proper fat metabolism. Otherwise there is of course NO notable effect of fat nutrition for endurance athletes. Instead, proper function of a person’s fat metabolism even under extreme conditions is what makes them dominate in endurance sports (for a detailed view on the study click: )

Good news
is that man’s ability to burn ingested and even stored fats can be re-activated in unprecedented ways by the help of a diet presented here, the
Cream Diet.

Yes, burning fat can be trained like running, cycling and swimming.
Who with sound brains would combine any of these disciplines together with the other one from scratch? Isn’t it a little short-sighted to train the fat metabolism with various oils, enzymes or even carbs in order to stay cholesterol-free? Wouldn’t it be better to train it with the most ‚human‘ fat of all, blood fat, i.e. cream instead? That’s why the author recommends Cream Diet should be executed b e f o r e starting any serious form of exercise. Or what’s the use of sending obese people on the running course until, until – they successfully crippled their joints (in the long run!)? What’s the benefit of running them through carb-restricted regimen when they are still unable to access their own depots of excess fat?!

Plan: First condition necessary is that this source of energy can be used, so to say ingested, digested and properly burned. This needs the existence of enzymes which split up fatty acids plus the acceptance of tissues (muscles, nerves) which burn down the metabolic trash of fat and ketones completely. No worries, even this can be easily re-learned. Positive effect of this process in comparison to the well-known fasting is that precious muscle mass and protein depots will be saved instead of erased. So, no longer muscle loss during weight reduction (compare to: Ketogenic Diet of body builders and epileptics )

Another ‘side effect’ of the Cream Diet is its positive influence on a healthy intestinal consisting mainly of lactic acid bacteria. Instead of ingesting (expensive) heaps of bifidus, coli or lactic acid, krauts and sour dough the Cream Diet is highly efficient when it comes to clean and re-cultivate the intestinal flora for a comparatively small budget.

Beware – For getting started, to become a good fat-burner it should not be your primary goal to lose weight! First goal of this diet is, to exercise once well-known but forgotten mechanisms of digestion, gain competence in using milk-fat as a primary means of energy again and at the same time lessen the pressure on the intestines and the digestive organs opposed to them by complex combinations of foods. Sure, as a side-effect this will reduce body-fat depots like melting snow in the sun. When athletes who without any signs of fatigue or bonking (ketones!) can work for hours, build up less lactic acid and show significantly less sweat and thirst – all signs of a successful switch due to Cream Diet – then this serves as a good indicator for less metabolic trash in the blood stream, right?

Modern volumetric and gas measuring instruments as they are available on the fitness market will easily serve to back the claims on improved metabolic capacity.

In the following read 5time IRONdistance winner Joe Spindler’s comment on his experience with the CREAM DIET:        Jo

( picture courtesy of: )

„I’ve been using the Cream Diet for a couple of years already and was able to win 5 IRON-distances taking advantage of this diet.

My fitness-test I execute at STAPS. That’s where they can monitor VO2max as well as lactic acid production rate separately and calculate performance at threshold.  We became aware of the influence of nutrition merely by chance: the test right after a Cream Diet noted a significantly lower lactic acid production rate at equal VO2max thus leading to a slight increase at individual threshold and a significant improvement of my steady state (G1/G2 or IRONMAN -intensity – in other words a higher percentage of threshold performance for a longer duration of time)!
Another season we tried to improve my performance by increasing VO2max. Due to the necessary stress training I was forced to ingest slightly more carbs, especially prior to the sessions. The following test showed an increase of VO2max (69 to 74ml/min/kg) but also a significantly increased production rate of lactic acid. The gain in VO2max performance had been eliminated by the deterioration of lactic acid production rate thus keeping threshold performance at equal levels in relation to prior to the training measurement – BUT with a significant loss of performance at steady state. 
Put into practice this meant I had to substitute carbs already after 2 hours in opposite to a fortnight after the Cream Diet where a hard training of two splits with a 4h race speed and a 25km-run (4min/km) I could  execute with just one 750ml water bottle.
I’m not a sports scientist therefore I’m not so much into figures but on performance and results. Since then I stopped testing and estimated my current fitness according to my need of carbs in long, heavy sessions (and average power/average speed). Basically, it’s no problem to exercise at a high level for hours living on cream, fruit, nuts and cheese (which equals a carb intake of 60-120gr/day) provided one has executed the switch to fat metabolism accurately.
IRONMAN -performances especially those at a professional level are always a matter of fat metabolism capacity, never of fitness i.e., the athlete with the better fat metabolism will always be in front because he can perform fast for longer.
 If your coach warns you to reduce carbs or doing a Cream Diet in order not to jeopardize training he is fitness –, not metabolism-orientated and misses out on the criteria decisive for long distance performance. Real long distance training must be metabolism-orientated therefore it looks completely different to what you get told in all current training advisers and tri-magazines.
 Concerning nutrition during a race I did not yet try Götz‘s advice to reduce carbs to almost zero. However I ingest non-solid foods and have 1-2 gels the utmost. The rest is plain water and a solution of carbs. Pasta parties the day prior to the race are counter-productive as the partially digested carbs will just float somewhere in the intermediary metabolism where they are of no use except for feeling terribly bloated and slow only to run you into stomach troubles during the swim. 
By the end of the day figures are of no big help. Instead what counts is practical experience. And experience everyone has to make himself – that’s the beauty in sports, isn’t it? This is why I’d recommend give it a try and let your body find the answer.“

Modus operandi:

After an entire Liver flush the athlete’s body gets nothing but fresh whipped cream (without additives!) and water to drink, of course. Quantities up to 1 litre of cream/day are no problem depending on the athlete’s training volume. The switch to decent fat burning takes about 7, the diet approximately 10 days according to the athlete’s fitness. Note that the Cream Diet is neither survival training nor a fast. Instead, it is merely kind of a regression to early childhood days when mother’s milk served as the main nutrient. Of course everyone will react differently on this voyage according to his personal history of illness, cures, drugs, remedies a.s.f.. This is why the diet should be accompanied by an experienced doctor or practitioner. Götz Heine guides the 10-day diet which includes daily e-mail exchange and, if necessary, a 24hour stand-by availability.

The value…

… of the Cream Diet for any endurance athlete can’t be overestimated. For the first time he can secure a sufficient nutrition based on cream and Creme fraiche for his oncoming events. No more pasta parties, no tiring carbo loading prior to what is supposed to be a personal highlight.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER                                                                                                      

In cases of acute illness or chronic disease the diet described above may be helpful, but does by no means replace the visit of a medical doctor or an alternative practitioner/naturopath. It is  n o t  a cure or remedy n o r  designed for self- therapy. Instead, it is a means of training regimen for anyone’s metabolism. Therefore the author declines any responsibility for individual illness or disease which may clash with the hints and suggestions given above.