NaSA (patented)

I tried the NaSA valve several times. It has a good positive calming effect on breathing (after exercise), especially if running sessions are 10-20 min or even longer. This leads to slower breathing at rest, quicker recovery with more CO in the lungs and more oxygen in body cells.
The valve also has a good training effect on the respiratory muscles. Ideally, one should use mainly the diaphragm during exercise when using NaSA.
The valve is much smaller than the Training Mask. This is an advantage.
As a result of all these factors, many people should find it useful to improve their fitness, endurance, and overall health. Thanks for providing me with the valve to test it. All the best, Artour.
“ Dr. Artour RAKHIMOV; Buteyko-Breathing Researcher (visit also:  )

Na (-sal) S (-uffocating) A (-id)

is a tool which mimicks altitude conditions at home, i.e. where you live. It assists to improve poor breathing patterns to cope better with air-/oxygen-deprivation.
It consists of a valve which, when put into one nostril while the mouth is being kept shut, reduces air intake through this nose by half. At the same time it promotes exhalation and the passage of nasal fluids and air particles so no congestion(!) will occur.

NaSA(pat.) is a patented device which has received Patent’s Grant in August 2016. When used by adults its free of risks and 100% legal. During the last decade its function and functionality have been successfully tested and approved by top class athletes mainly of the duathlon, triathlon and the cycling league all around the Globe.
Its a breathing coach which leaves it up to every user’s choice whether he wants to take maximum advantage of the surrounding air (by opening his mouth)
throttle it to 50% by simply – closing the mouth.
Attention!  This will immediately ‚beam‘ you up to altitude levels of 2500 meters and above. Therefore NaSA fulfills the demands for ‚train-high-rest-low‚ regimens and frees the athlete from long and expensive journeys to altitude camps, hypoxic chambers and oxygen tents.
What is more, the user of the valve always remains his own master of the hypoxic situation. Thus, it enables her/him to study, vary and modulate the particular physio-chemical reactions which will accompany the self-made oxygen deprivation.

The result
is notable after a few applications already:  increased oxygen intake, increased economy of moving patterns, better blood parameters and last but definitely not least: increased wellbeing.

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For those dependent on asthma remedies NaSA(pat.) may offer a realistic chance for relief.  Of course a cure will have to be executed under the guidance of an experienced practitioner or breathing therapist skilled to the art of NaSA-breathing.
By no means does the present publication indicate a healing process nor offer a cure to illness. Also it declines any responsibility for experiments carried out by unskilled personnel.